Navigating the Old Road

Jan Spence

Photography for the cover was done by Wendy Floyd


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Jan Spence, Writer

Join me in celebrating the publication of Navigating the Old Road!

This book is my first publication of a collection of poems, and I would love to share them with you.  Below you will find an easy way to order a copy! 

If you need help deciding, here’s a couple of sample poems.


Everything Goes South


These cropped and colored

tresses are beginning to thin

and relocate

to less-haired hinterlands—

down to nostrils where they

propagate wildly

in curling gray glory…

or all the way south

to double chins

where they proudly jut out

in glaring jet black.


Jan Spence

©2011, All rights reserved





































I’d LOVE it if you want to order a copy.  You can follow the link below to Finishing Line Press.  The cost is $12, but read the little ditty below first. *














*Jan’s Disclaimer


I’ve penned a book with pages of verse,

some fun, some dumb, some even terse.

At 26 poems, the chapbook is thin

but being published is a really big win.

The publisher’s price may seem a bit high

so don’t feel pressured to make the big buy.

Do what is best for you on this day,

the joy for me is in having my say.

To order Navigating the Old Road:


Click here




Autumn Arias


I could never inhale deeply enough

to capture  the proud, deep burgundies

of rounded pear leaves, the brilliant crimson

of ancient oaks, the seas of sunlit yellow

and many-hued oranges morphing

from molten gold to fiery scarlet.


Each autumn my eyes feasted

on splattered palettes of lacy foliage,

but I never heard them serenade me

until now…


now when I have gnarly knuckles

and brown spots on my hands,

                 now when my lipstick tends to feather

                 beyond the boundaries of my upper lip.


Now I thrill to their rustling arias

reminding me it is never too late –

never too late to reveal my plumage,


to paint the world around me with beauty and light,

                 to dance my lilting steps to the last pirouette,

                 the last inhalation.


Jan Spence

©2011, All rights reserved