Navigating the Old Road

Jan Spence

Cover photography by Wendy Floyd of Nacogdoches, Texas



About: Navigating the Old Road

I have always loved words — reading them and writing in one way or another.  After I retired, I began writing more and began to publish poems and win a few contests here and there. 

In 2011, I submitted a chapbook (a collection of verse, but not a full-length book) of poems about aging, and it was selected for publication.  Why write about aging ?  Because I am!! 




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Jan Spence’s poems begin with a light-hearted look at aging, and we laugh as  we read of situations so familiar that we turn page after page, hardly recognizing that the mood is changing. When we feel the pain and love in the poems of the deaths of Jan’s parents, it hits us that these poems have seamlessly progressed through life’s realities. We are engrossed with each poem, each phrase. The differences in poetic style are equally seamless as we drift in and out of free verse, rhyme, a prose poem. These lines reach you with their feeling, their phrasing, their styling. They are the gentle telling of life well lived and loved; we are richer for the sharing.

—J. Paul Holcomb, author of Love, or Something Like It, and Looking for Love in the Telecom Corridor

Denton poet Jan Spence's collection is a legacy of love passed from one generation to the next, and that's exactly what she does, taking the reader on a poetic journey into her life. This is Who I Am she states proudly, and that it's never too late to reveal (her) plumage. These are treasures of life and age, universally declaring we can change the world while tenderly holding on to childhood memories. A true gift of the heart.  We will chat again, she says, listen for my whispers.
—karla k. morton, 
2010 Texas Poet Laureate, author of several books of poetry including Redefining Beauty and Stirring Goldfish